Organizational Excellence

Is there really no room for improvement in your current organization?
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    How we can help you

    We cover a broad set of skills and services. All of which have proven to be helpful to our clients. We categorize these into three large domains.


    Organizational Excellence

    Whether your organization is small or huge. It will always face challenges, and will always have to - and want to - improve. We don;'t just point you in the right direction - we walk the path with you.


    Data-driven Decisions

    If you don't know what's going on - or wrong - it is hard to make the right decisions. We help you to define what data to collect, how to collect it, and how to make the right decisions based on data rather than guesswork.


    Business Agility

    In combination with the previous domains, we help you to make sure that your people, teams, and organization are as ready as they can be for what this constantly changing world throws at them.


    About us

    Most people know that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
    Fewer people know that this is only because the wrong question was asked. At 42Pulse, we understand the importance of asking the right questions. We freely admit to not having all the answers.
    But we know what to ask - and how. And we know how to work with you to find the answers. The ``pulse`` in our name reflects the need to keep asking. Finding answers is not a one-time exercise. It is an ongoing activity, even a mindset.